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Frequently Asked Crickets
Become a cricket expert with these 16 easy questions

Who belongs to the cricket family?

Crickets, also locusts and grasshoppers – all together they are part of the Orthoptera family

What does Orthoptera mean?

From Greek ortho: right & pteron: wing
These insects have wings located at right angles of their backs!

How do you differentiate between grasshoppers and locusts?

Locusts differ from grasshoppers by their small antennas; grasshoppers have much longer and thinner antennas.

Do they feel pain?

Although we cannot affirm that insects definitely do not suffer, many scientists have concluded that they do not feel pain in the same way as other animals do. This is because their nervous system is poorly developed and they continue their daily activities even when they are seriously injured. Read more here!


What do crickets taste and smell like!?

Crickets have a fairly neutral taste and their texture is similar to seeds or crisps: crunchy! This is great as they lock in and keep the flavour of all our tasty ingredients we add to our bars!

We grind our crickets into flour in order so that they are no longer visible and we can add them with ease into our recipes to create a delicate and original taste.
The flour fits discreetly into our products and neither the taste smell nor texture is noticed.

Fun Fact: crickets absorb up the smell of their environment! For example, if you dry bananas next to crickets, they start to smell like the banana – making them an easy tool to create an array of delicious flavours

Insect flour mixes very well with the other ingredients we use so that we can offer you the tastiest and most nutririous snack on the go!

Is eating crickets Kosher or Halal?

In the past both Jewish and Muslims communities have eaten crickets. For example, Moroccan Jews have relied on eating locusts during times of famine. These little bugs are therefore responsible for helping thousands of families survive starvation.

So why are these life-saving critters not considered Kosher by some communities?

Depending on the people you speak too, some passages of Leviticus prove that there are some specific insects which are kosher and halal: including crickets, grasshoppers and locusts! We can’t confirm it yet but we are in the process of finding out more info on the topic!

‘With regard to the eating of locusts / grasshoppers, Leviticus 11 allows the Israelites to consume different kinds of furnace ‘leaping’ insects: [20] All winged insects That Walk upon all fours are detestable to you. [21] Among the winged insects Purpose That walk on all fours you eat Those That May-have jointed legs Above Their feet, with qui to leap on the ground. [22] Of Them May you eat: the locust selon icts kind, the bald locust selon icts kind, the cricket selon icts kind, and the grasshopper selon icts kind. –other Goal all winged insects-have That four feet are detestable to you. (Lev 11: 20-23)

Why do locusts, grasshoppers and crickets sing?

Only male crickets sing in order to attract female crickets as well as warding off their male competition!

How do the female crickets hear their male counterparts singing?

They rub their legs together against their wings. Just like the bow on the strings of a violin!

What do you call the sound that the crickets make?

What do crickets, grasshoppers and locusts eat?

Grasshoppers are herbivores, they only eat plants whilst grasshoppers are omnivores, they enjoy a bit of everything: even aphids and other grubs.
So if you see a grasshopper in your garden, let it be! They might just be helping your roses come along nicely;)

Crickets are also omnivores. They like eating living plants that are within their near reach such as moss and weeds as well as tiny insects.
They are pretty healthy too as they love vegetable peelings even as much as dogs love their biscuits!

How can you distinguish between male and female crickets?

Well first off, it’s only the male crickets that sing. Physically, adult females have a long appendix on the back of the body. This is a form of Ovipostor: an organ they use to lay their eggs in the soil.

How many eggs can a female cricket lay at one time?

Impressively, she can lay up to 700 eggs in one sitting!

Can crickets fly?

Crickets have two pairs of wings that are only fully developed once they reach adulthood. Their forewings are hard and serve to protect the hind wings, which are thinner and more fragile and occasionally used for flying.

Although their main mode of travel is walking, they can also jump and fly! They usually do this when they feel threatened or in danger and only fly regularly at nighttime .

How do they breathe?

Funnily enough, the air does not enter the body through the nostrils but rather it enters the trachea by the stigmata which are tiny holes on each side of the chest and abdomen of the insect


Crickets do not have blood but instead they have hemolymph pumping around their bodies! This liquid, usually green or yellow, doesn’t transport oxygen: it transports nutrients throughout the body. Due to the absence of blood, the insects therefore do not use their lungs or gills to breathe.


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