Here are the question most frequently asked, if you still don’t find your answer to your interrogations, contact-us at contact@gryo-bars.com

Returns and refunds

There is a missing product in the package I received

Don’t panic, send us an email at contact@gryo-bars.com. A rapid and efficient solution will then be found. Any stock shortage is communicated at the email address you gave when you registered.

How can I withdraw

In application to the dispositions of articles L.121-21 and followings of the Consumption Code, you have up to 14 days to francs from the reception of the products to exercise the withdrawal right. At the expiration of the 14 days, if it comes a saturday or on a holiday, it is prorogated until the the first next working day. You only need to download the withdrawal form and send it us back at the following address indicated. Beware, no bar munched will be reimbursed of exchanged !
Note that only the person who paid the product may exercise this right.

Are the shipping fees reimbursed in case of withdrawal

The shipping cost of your initial order are reimbursed, but the shipping return fees are at your expense.

How to return an order

Don’t panic, send us an email at contact@gryo-bars. A rapid and efficient solution will then be found.

How will I be refunded ?

You will be refunded as fast as possible from the moment we receive the returned products and at the latest 30 days following their reception. It will be done through the payment means used at your purchase.

If the payment of your order was made by bank transfer or purchase voucher: an IBAN will be requested in order to proceed to the refund.

For any order paid with a purchase voucher with a purchase price inferior to the finale purchase price on our website (for instance, a voucher bought for €25 giving a €50 purchase right), we refund you the paid value of the voucher.

The package I received does not correspond to my order

Don’t panic, send us an email at contact@gryo-bars.com. A rapid and efficient solution will then be found.

Is it possible to exchange a product?

The products bought on www.gryo-bars.com cannot be exchanged, except for the conditions specified in the General Terms and Conditions

Are the shipping fees refunded in case of return

The shipping fees of the initial gryö order and the return fees will be refunded if it is observed that the product is defective, damaged, or interverted with another product.

I purchased in a store and was not satisfied with my product. What can I do?

We invite you to contact us with the shop in which you purchased our products for any reclamation.
If ever you would find yourself in the impossibility to go back to the point of sale (purchase done while traveling, for instance), our customer service will not be able to deal with any reclamation about taste, visual and olfactory quality of the bar or about non-conformance that cannot be detected while purchasing.

Use of site

I wish to order for a present

If you want to order to make a gift, do not hesitate to specify it and we will do our best to prepare you a nice surprise package 😉


How long to deliver ?

The orders are prepared and delivered within the week following the reception of you payment, except exceptional cases but you’ll be advised by email.

Which countries cannot be delivered

Any country is opened to delivery, following the products. For instance, France is not covered for the products integrating insects for the trading of edible insects in France is not athorised. For more informations on the legislation in your country, contact us at contact@gryo-bars.com.
Note that for some destinations (outside the EU), importation taxes will have to be paid. In order to know the amount, we invite you to get the information by your local bureau of Customs.

How can I modify my delivery address?

By default, your delivery address corresponds to the invoicing address. At the selection of the invoicing address, you may tick either “deliver at this address” or “deliver another address”. You can save several delivery address in your address book.

What to do if I realise there is a mistake in the registration of my address?

Our preparation timing is very short, so any request to modify an address from the reception of the confirmation email of processing of your order will not be taken into account. You may modify your address before the order is shipped.
If the package do not arrive because of a mistake in the address registrated, the amount of the order will be refund (outside shipping fees), after reception of the package returned at our storage place.


  • A postcard from 30 €

  • A cotton bag from 45 €

  • Free delivery from 50 €