Make way for hemp !

In our food, cosmetics, cupboards, walls… hemp is everywhere!

Hemp is controversial because it is often mistaken with marijuana and is therefore not very popular and even unknown in some parts of the world. In countries like Canada and the US hemp has been banned due to the “marijuana tax”. This is a shame because hemp has multiple benefits, proving to be a perfect compromise between a healthy diet and being respectful to the environment.

Health and nutrition, cosmetics or fabric production are some of the many uses of hemp in all its forms – as a seed, an oil, powder or fibre.


An iron constitution and a taste enhancer

Hempseeds have a high level of protein, mineral, fibres and vitamins – Vitamin B12 in particular. This vitamin plays a key role in our brain’s functioning and is also involved in the synthesis of DNA as well as the production of amino acids and energy in the body. Vitamin B12 cannot currently be scientifically recreated meaning that foodstuffs that contain B12 are necessary. Hemp also has a balanced level of omega 3 and 6 which is essential for reducing cholesterol.

As for hemp oil… In addition to containing many nutrients, it also has the lowest level of saturated fat. Can’t beat that!

Enjoy this gentle almond-tasting herb, perfect for quiches, to lift a salad or on top of yogurt but above all… delicious in a bar!


A multipurpose plant  

Hemp is making a name for itself, especially in France which is the biggest European country to produce it. This plant makes miracles: in creams it moistures your skin and has nourishing, firming and regenerating effects. It is therefore a “must have” ingredient for all natural skincare products.

Hemp has healing properties for sunburn and minor burns, helping to cool the pain and men can even use it as an aftershave for sensitive skin.

Hemp also has multiple manufacturing uses. Even the stem of the plant can be used for making paper, hessian sacks and other construction materials. In France it was widely used to make ropes, sails or cloth.

As you can see, this plant has a broad range of uses in different sectors, from food to material production. But that’s not all…


Eco-friendly production

Hemp grows naturally, without the need for genetic modification and pesticides. It also requires comparatively little water to other crops, making it more profitable.

Hemp promotes soil conservation, making it easy to farm. Growing up to 5 meters tall, it stifles weeds, preventing them from growing and leaves the soil prepared for the next plantation after hemp. It doesn’t stop there either. The roots grow so deep in the ground that they break up the soil making it less compact which is better for future crops and saving contracting and machine costs.


Hemp… a healthy addiction!


Claire Luchetta


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