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« If you think you are too small to change the world, try sleeping with a moskito » Chinese Proverb. 

The gryö project is more than a funny snack, it is a proposition of life. A proposition to renew the relation of mankind with himself and nature. Rethink, beyond cultural norms, a consumption turned towards a healthier, happier and all the more delicious future 🙂

This dream is having a reality just because it is shared.
So we recently started an Ambassador Program and would love for you to get involved!

Just e-mail us at!

  • Spread the insect-concept around a tasting !

    We’ll provide you with a tasting kit, including explanations on why this revolution makes sense. Just for you to be the perfect Master of a Ceremony full of emotions and culture.


  • Wake up the author !

    Hereby, your Tribune ! Choose between one of the themes suggested in the gryö Blog a subject you wish to share a knowledge, a research or a vision…


  • Conceive with us the tastes of tomorrow

    Taste and advise. Help us conceive the perfect flavours of tomorrow 🙂



  • A postcard from 30 €

  • A cotton bag from 45 €

  • Free delivery from 50 €